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Q1: I want DeePon! How to search, purchase and use coupon?

- For more details and instructions please visit ‘How to redeem DeePon

Q2: How to make a payment?

- You can do that via Paypal, Paysbuy, Transferring money

Q3: When will I make my payment?

- After particular coupon selling duration has ended, deal has confirmed, the payment will be collected afterward.

Q4: What will happen if I click ‘PURCHASE’ but my deal has not confirmed?

- There will not be any payment. We WILL NOT collect money from you, and you WILL NOT get the coupon either.

Q5: Can I return or cancel my deal?

- The deal that is done can not be returned or cancelled under any circumstance.

How to redeem coupon?

Q1: I made payment for my coupon, how do I redeem it?

- First you have to login with us, then go to your ‘My Page’ page.

Q2: What is going to happen if I forgot to bring coupon with me when I go to restaurant/shop?

- You MUST print out coupon and take it with you whenever you go to restaurant/shop.
For every coupons, they can be printed out more than once. Just click ‘printed coupon’ on lower area of your coupon. Every printed coupons will receive same product(s) or service(s).

Q3: What if I want my friend(s) to use this coupon too?

- Please purchase coupon for every friend(s) of yours. You can change the

Quantity of coupon on ‘purchasing page’. For example, if you are tended to bring other 3 friends with you, please purchase 4 coupons.

Q4: Can non-coupon holder get product(s) or service(s)?

- Yes, he/she can but his/her price will not be as special as yours. For more information on each product(s) or service(s) please contact directly to that particular restaurant/shop.

Q5: What if that restaurant/shop closed down before I have a chance to redeem my coupon?

- The deal has confirmed, but you do not have a chance to redeem your coupon because some technical problem from that particular restaurant/shop, we are willing to give 100% refund back to you.
*Under condition that the coupon have not expired.

Q6: I have made payment for my coupon, when will I be able to redeem it?

- Each coupon has its own redeemed duration, so please redeem your coupon within that period. In some case, you have to make appointment with restaurant/shop before you take that product(s) or service(s).

Sign up, Log in, etc

Q1: How much does it cost to register with DeePon?

- Registration is FREE!

Q2: Why I do not receive any temporary confirmation email?

- There is a possibility that our temporary confirmation email has ended up in your ‘junk folder’. If you still do not find our email, please contact us back immediately.

Q3: I forgot my password

- You can renew your password by log in with us with ‘forgot my password’ link. Go to ‘renew my password’, then fill in every re

Quested details. We will send temporary password to your email. After you have logged in with us with your temporary password, go to your ‘My Page’ page then ‘edit data’ for set up your new password.

Q4: How to stop receiving news and update privilege(s) from DeePon?

- DeePon member log in with us, click your ‘My Page’ page, then go to ‘unsubscribe news and update privilege’.

- Non-DeePon member, please email us that you want to unsubscribe news and update privilege from DeePon.

Q5: How to cancel my DeePon membership?

- Please email us, your name and your registered email with DeePon, that you want to cancel your membership with DeePon.