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Only 250BHT! For you to enjoy with your mother with the delicious lunch international buffet from over 80 menus at a very cheap price at the classy food hall, "The Butter Cup" @ Arnoma Hotel Bangkok (from the price of 580BHT)

Delicious food that has been created the well experienced chef of the hotel at the food hall which has been voted as 1 of the 3 best food halls with incredibly great international buffet We apologized for the mistake period of using "The Butter Cup" coupon before. The correct period will be effectived from 12th August to 11th October 2011.
฿250 ( USD : about 8.25 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 675 yen )
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Value ฿580
Discount 57%
Saving ฿330
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Terms of Use

  • This coupon is valid from 12th August - 11th October 2011
  • A customer can purchase up to any amount of coupons.
  • 1 coupon can be used with 1 customer per time
  • There is no maximum usage of coupons per table
  • This coupon can be used with international lunch buffet at the food hall "The Butter Cup" only
  • This coupon is useable fore dine-in at the food hall only (Excluding take-home and delivery)
  • For more information and prior reservation for your convenience please contact 02-655-5555 then 7507
  • This coupon is useable daily from 11.30 - 14.30 (lunch)
  • Deepon Basic Condition : Can be purchased and given to another customer as gift voucher, This price has included 7% VAT and 10% Service charge, the remaining value of the coupon cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandizes, or any other service from the shop, this coupon cannot be used with other discounts or promotions.

Coupon Information

Deepon would like to present this Mother’s day’s special deal letting you repay your mother who you loved with the international lunch buffet with over 80 menus to choose from at the stylish and classy atmosphere food hall, “The Butter Cup”, within Arnoma Hotel, Bangkok

“The Butter Cup” food hall is a food hall that has been voted as 1 of the 3 best food halls with international buffet. This is why you can be confident that the taste of every menu has been perfectly created by the top chef of the hotel, “Chef Prashun Wongutaipun” with freshness and deliciousness.

At “The Butter Cup” food hall, you will be amazed with the marvelous menus that are changed and rotated daily that you will be able to dine here and never feel bored. Let’s start with the “Soup of the Day”, mushroom cream soup and Washington style clam soup. Then continue with “Salad Bar”, various types of vegetables and 10 delicious dressings. Next is the “Thai Food Corner” which has “Fried Shrimp/Fish Cake”, “Pork Satay”, “Fried Chicken Wings”, “Spicy Seafood Salad”, and more. For those who love seafood, here there is also “Fresh Seafood Corner” which is ready to serve you like “Boiled Shrimp”, and “Fresh Salmon”. Or various imported meats from foreign countries like “Roasted Pepper Rib Eye of Beef with Peppercorn Sauce”, “Roasted Lamb Leg with Red Wine Shallot Sauce”. Then continue the wonderful meal at the “Noodle Corner”, the noodle of the day corner which you can enjoy everyday like yentafour noodle, noodle with duck, noodle with marinated beef, and more.

For the menus of hot menus corner, they will also be changed daily like “Pan-Fried Scallop with White Wine Parsley”, “Pan-Fried Salmon with Lemongrass White Wine”. Furthermore, there are European and Asian cuisine seasons to spice up the buffet too which will be rotated so that you will be able to taste the food of foreign countries without having to go there like “German Food” that presents traditional German food like sausages and “French Food” that brings the food from every part of France here including the tasty pastas and also “Japanese Food” that has “Sushi” with various toppings (shrimp, salmon, shells) and “Makisushi” like California Maki

Then let us end this special meal at the “Dessert Corner” which has numerous kinds of desserts like Italian style “Tiramisu”, “White Chocolate Mousse”, “Panna Cotta”, “Blueberry Cheesecake”, “Ice cream”, and Thai desserts like “Crunchy Ruby (Tub Tim Krob)”.

DeePon would like to invite fellow members to experience this dining of a lifetime with unlimited delicacies and cheap price at the food hall, “The Butter Cup”.

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