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Special offer of 99BHT for you to keep in touch with the Korean Fever and enjoy the unique Korean fusion food at "Mashiso" @ Paradise Park (from the original price of 200BHT)

Delicious Korean fusion beyond explanation which suits Thai people's mouth without needing any MSG.
฿99 ( USD : about 3.267 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 267.3 yen )
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  • This coupon is valid from 17th June -16th September 2011
  • This coupon is usable with every menu (except beverages and desserts)
  • A customer can purchase up to any amount of coupons
  • A coupon can be used with 1 customer per transaction
  • Maximum usage of 2 coupons per table
  • For more information please contact 02-787-2376
  • Conditions : This coupon can be given to another customer as a gift voucher, This price includes VAT 7% and service charge 10%, The remaining value cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandise, or other service from the restaurant, this coupon cannot be used with discounts or other promotions.

Coupon Information

Anyong-haseyo~ This time Deepon will take you members to get to know the new fusion style Korean food that will make you cling on to the Korean Fever and let you indulge yourself healthily with over 50 menus.

"Mashiso" is a Korean restaurant that was born from the owner's affection in the eating delicious Korean food. The owner then decided to introduce a new unique lusciousness with fusion style Korean food menus that suit Thai people's mouth within the concept of "Lust For Delicious".

"Mashiso" emphasizes the deliciousness of the food, the meticulousness in ingredients selecting, and the high quality, fresh clean, and free of MSG seasoning imported from Korea. Moreover, they will only cook the food from the hot stove after the order has been taken so that the food served will always be fresh and healthy in a cheap price. Due to the caring service that is fast and friendly, it is suitable for families, friends, and lovers to come and share the happy time together.

"Mashiso" has its interior designed in a family style giving relaxation, warmth, and friendliness with the bright toned colors like yellow and white in a family restaurant style.

The famous menu that shouldn't be missed from whatever reason here is "Bibimbap", a mixed rice that is the restaurant's signature. It is a fully cooked rice topped with various seasoning toppings like spinach, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, cucumbers, carrots, eggs, and top-class bulgobi sauce marinated mince pork ending with the pouring of the super special sauce of the restaurant which has over 10 kinds of ingredients which are imported directly from Korea like ko choo jung sauce and corn syrup for you to taste the taste of Korea. It is served in a hot stone pot that is poured with sesame oil and then heated until the oil boils. After that it will be served with the soft scent of the sesame oil and the sound of the soft Korean rice that is turning golden brown.

Let us continue with "Bulgogi grilled pork set", bulgogi sauce marinated pork. It has the flavor of sesame oil and is served with Korean rice, Den jang soup, various side dishes like spicy papaya salad, sweeten pumpkin, and delicious kimchi that has been fermented with fruit juice and many other seasoning like sand pear, apple, pepper, and Korean pepper. You might like "Jajangmyeon", Korean black noodle that many of you might have seen in the Korean series. Soft and chewing noodle mixed with big plate of tasty black bean sauce.

Ending this wonderful meal with "Corn Cheese". It is a menu that combines the sweetness of corn and the slight saltiness of mozzarella and cheddar cheese that has been baked perfectly.

Deepon would like to invite fellow members to "Mashiso" in order to enjoy the fusion style Korean food in a unique way that is beyond explanation. We are certain that here at "Mashiso" one dish will not be enough for you!

The Company

  • Mashiso
  • Address 3rd floor Paradise Park, Dining Zone, Srinakarin, Bangkok 10250
  • Open on 10.30 - 21.00
  • Holiday Open everyday
  • TEL:02-787-2376
  • http://www.facebook.com/Mashiso