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Special offer of 57BHT for you to enjoy with the newest menu, "Steamed Chicken in Hong Kong Soy Sauce" at the original chicken and rice restaurant, "Orchard" (from the original price of 113BHT)

Herbal scented soft chicken meat, delicious rice cooked with coconut milk, tasty soup, and a special sauce suitable for every person
฿57 ( USD : about 1.881 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 153.9 yen )
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Value ฿113
Discount 50%
Saving ฿56
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Coupons Sold 146
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Terms of Use

  • This coupon is valid from 11th June - 10th September 2011
  • A customer can purchase up to any amount of coupons
  • A customer can use up to any amount of coupons per transaction
  • Coupons can be used up to any amount per table
  • This coupon is for the menu "Steamed Chicken in Hong Kong Soy Sauce" (1 dish per coupon) only
  • This coupon can be used to buy "Singapore Chicken and Rice" at the price of 90BHT from the price of 134BHT (this price has included VAT, 1 dish per coupon). Valid until 10th September 2011
  • This coupon is for dine-in only (excluding take-home and delivery)
  • This coupon can be used any day and any branch (CentralWorld branch, Esplanade branch, Nawamin City branch, and Paradise Park branch)
  • Conditions : This coupon can be given to another customer as a gift voucher, This price includes VAT 7% and service charge 10%, The remaining value cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandise, or other service from the restaurant, this coupon cannot be used with discounts or other promotions.

Coupon Information

"Orchard", the first Singapore chicken and rice phenomenon in Thailand so that you will not need to fly to Singapore just to taste the original taste. "It was the most delicious chicken and rice I have ever tasted" is one of the comments that the customers gave to the excellent menus of "Orchard" which has been creating this delicious trend continually by forward mails that has been forwarded and web-boards that depict the taste of various menus of the restaurant especially the top-notch menu like "Singapore Chicken and Rice" that can be completely defined as the "Taste of Singapore".

From the strong trend of all the gourmets making Orchard, at the moment, open up to 4 branches which are, Esplanade, CentralWorld, Nawamin City, and Paradise Park. We can say that it is a revelation for Singapore food that has intended to bestow this original deliciousness to Thailand plus increasing the selling point by giving the opportunity to enjoy it without having to fly to Singapore which creates diversity for those who enjoy eating in a fascinating way.

For the number one famous menu here is "Singapore Chicken and Rice" that is served with 4 special dipping sauces that has been guaranteed to suits Thai people's mouth including the soft and sweet chicken meat, the fine rice, and the delicious soup. All of these has been on a beautiful woven tray which shows the care in every detail. Another menu that has been considered as the highlights of the restaurant which also has been currently rumored as the "Best in town" is "XO Sauce Fried Radish Cake". It is rich in flavor with the special XO sauce that whoever taste it once will surely return for more and there are also fried noodles with Water Mimosa and Singapore fried noodles, soft noodles fried with shrimps and octopus along with bean sprouts and green onions.

Furthermore, here we also have a unique taste "Bak Kut Teh", meticulously cooked pork with secret recipe herbal scented soup that has been passed over for over 40 years. Next is the "Luka Lermuk", which is similar to Thai's "Kao Soi", but has the taste of the Singaporean way.Ending with the trendy menu like "Chicken Rice Ball" which is a specially created menu. It is the mouth-sized delicacy which is for you to taste Singapore's chicken and rice in a new and different way perfectly and conveniently along with the tasty Nasi goreng and other various menus.

Beside the excellent menus, Orchard is also prominent with the total difference in style from regular chicken and rice restaurant and Chinese restaurant by focusing on the simplicity, but cool by using white, black, and gray tone colors in a Modern Singapore art which has become the unique identity and the taste of people of the new generation

The Company

  • Orchard Singapore Chicken and Rice
  • Branch Central world,Esparanade,Nabaminpark,Paradisepark
  • Open on Up to Branch
  • Holiday Open everyday
  • TEL:
    CentralWorld branch : Tel. 02-252-5581
    Esplanade branch : Tel. 02-641-3361
    Nawamin City branch : Tel. 02-907-1980
    Paradise Park branch : Tel. 02-787-2454
  • http://www.orchardchickenrice.com/