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Special Offer! Only 99BHT for a genuine original Japanese food straight from Osaka in a warm and calming Japanese style atmosphere at Hanaya Thonglor (from the original price of 200BHT)

Delicious Japanese food that is rich in Osaka style flavor and savor in a Japanese restaurant that has the experience of being with Bangkok people for 19 years.
฿99 ( USD : about 3.267 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 267.3 yen )
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Value ฿200
Discount 51%
Saving ฿101
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Coupons Sold 35
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Terms of Use

  • + This coupon is valid from 1st June - 30th June 2011
  • + This coupon is usable with food only (excluding all kind of drinks)
  • + This coupon is for dine-in only (excluding take-home and delivery)
  • + 1 customer can purchase up to any amount of coupons
  • + 1 coupon can be used with 1 customer per time
  • + Maximum usage of this coupon is 2 coupons per table
  • + This coupon can be used as a 15% discount for an alcoholic drink
  • + This coupon can be used daily.
    The restaurant has 2 working hours which are
    Noon : 11.00 am - 2.00 pm (because at 11.00am - 1.00pm we will be having a lot of customers so please make a prior call or a prior reservation for your own convenience)
    Evening : 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm
  • + Conditions : This coupon can be given to another customer as a gift voucher, This price includes VAT 7% and service charge 10%, The remaining value cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandise, or other service from the restaurant, this coupon cannot be used with discounts or other promotions.

Coupon Information

Feeling like having Japanese food? Remember a friend recommending his favorite restaurant, but having to dine there alone is not your type? This is why Deepon has organized a package for you and your friends to get to know this marvelous restaurant. . . Are you ready?

"Hanaya Thonglor" is a Japanese restaurant that has been with Bangkok people for over 19 years with the intention of creating traditional flavor food and a Japanese homely style atmosphere that gives us warm welcoming feeling just like dining in your own house.

At last, the time of happiness has arrived along with the various menus that have been meticulously decorated. Starting with our famous menu "Kawara Yaki", a grill beef menu cooked with traditional stove on a metal plate that will be burned till hot which is how Japanese ate in the past and has been passed along to the present at "Hanaya Thonglor" here. We have high quality ingredients that have been well selected like beef, pork, salmon, and others that have been marinated with delicious super special formula yakiniku sauce from the restaurant along with garlic and Chinese chives (every set is served with mixed vegetables) plus the tasty yakiniku dipping sauce, garlic, and chilies, limes, and salt and pepper that you can add according to your preference. Aside from grilling we also have "Shabu Shabu" that comes with 2 sauces which are slightly hot bean paste sauce and slightly sour ponzu sauce.

Or if you are a cooked to order menu type of person we also have a famous high quality menus like "Maguro Tataki (300BHT)" and "Gyu Tataki (200BHT)", fresh Maguro and sliced beef that has been seared in such a way that the exterior is cooked, but the interior is still mildly raw then cut into thick pieces served with garlic and sliced onions topped with delicious ponzu sauce. Continue to the next hit in the chart menu "California Maki (4 pieces for 100BHT)", Japanese rice that resonates beautifully with crab sticks, sweet egg, flying fish roe, and sweet mayonnaise. Next, let us enjoy some pastry directly imported from Osaka "Okonomiyaki (100BHT)", soft Japanese pizza with pork and fresh cabbage topped with special sauce that is slightly sweet and sour.

Coming up next is "Ebi Tempura (150BHT)", big tasty prawn tempura, and "Unagi Kanayaki (370BHT)", grilled and sweetly seasoned big slices of Japanese eel with the texture of crispy exterior and soft interior. But if you are up for quantity, then "Katsu Karei Rice (150BHT)" is for you. Thick piece of pork sirloin breaded and deep-fried topped with special curry sauce from the restaurant that is rich in flavor yet smooth coupled up nicely with Japanese rice which is chewy. Some may like set menus like "Salmon Steak Set (129BHT)" that comes with butter scented salmon steak, fried vegetables, salad, garlic fried rice, miso soup, and kimchi served with 3 dips (minced spring onions + garlic, ponzu, mayonnaise steak sauce).

When comparing this cute price with the quantity plus the quality of the ingredients served. Deepon guarantees that it will be more than "worth it".If you d not believe then you can just prove it by yourself with this special deal!

The Company

  • Hanaya Thonglor (Hanaya Thonglor company limited)
  • Address 1st floor Liberty building, Soi Sukhumvit 55( Thonglor), Sukhumvit Rd., Klongton Neu, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
  • Open on 11.00 am - 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm - 10.00 pm
  • Holiday Open everyday
  • TEL:02-381-7424