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Best offer from CHAHO, original green tea product shop. Spend only 149b and wait for 3 gift vouchers, which will be sent to your door way that cost 300b!

Original green tea and Dessert
Use gift voucher as a free pass to buy any kinds of beverage, dessert or other product of CHAHO at any branch. Spend only 149b and get 3 gift vouchers that cost 100b per each
The first 200 copies were very popular and everything was sold out. I heard the positive reviews from the shops and decided to issue again 200 copies.
฿149 ( USD : about 4.917 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 402.3 yen )
Time Out
Value ฿300
Discount 50%
Saving ฿151
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Deal Condition

Stock Quantity 30
Coupons Sold 383
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Terms of Use

  • Gift voucher is valid from the day you received until 15th May, 2011.
  • Gift voucher is valid for any kinds of beverage, dessert or other product of CHAHO.
  • The voucher can be transferred to friend as a healthy Gift.
  • you can use 1 ticket for 1 receipt
  • Gift voucher is valid for any branch of CHAHO.
  • Can not convert or refund into cash.
  • Not valid with other promotions.
  • Gift vouchers will be sent to member via postal mail within 7 business days after the deal is closed.
  • VAT has already included in this price.

Coupon Information

"CHAHO", the original green tea shop that is enclosed by Japanese essence. Step you body in, look at the tables!, the chairs!, the equipments!, and the decorative walls! Arema! I think I am in tea shop in Japan!
It is impossible to argue that Green Tea is not the leading role in this shop. We have selected the best green tea, Matcha from Japan and shipped it directly to all of you in Bangkok. Matcha has antioxidants that will decrease possibility of getting cancer. It also makes you feel at ease, refresh and focus.
The flatter menus are "CHAHO Cookie & Cream"; smoothie of green tea blended with sugary crunchy cookie , "CHAHO White Chocolate"; smoothie of milk Matcha blended with tender white chocolate and a little topping of spongy whip cream with vanilla syrup, and last but the most popular of all "CHAHO Latte"; delicate soft sweet milk Matcha.
Our desserts are not a glimpse less famous than tenderly beverages. Try out "Matcha Crape"; green tea crape splashed with chocolate sauce, or "Panna Cotta"; green tea flavour Panna Cotta soaked with sour raspberry sauce and added the top with fresh tangerine and mixed berry.
In the land of never ending Summer, after an exhausted woking day, it will be awesome if we can just have a big gulp of super fresh green tea beverage along with a mushy spongy green tea cake!

The Company

  • Chaho (Healthy Ho limited company)
  • Siam Paragon: Third Floor, Cocoon (02-610-9931)
  • Central World: Forth Floor, Atrium zone (02-613-1458)
  • Central Chaengwattana: Second Floor (02-835-3977)
  • Esplanade: Basement Floor, in front of Tops Supermarket (02-660-9244)
  • K-Village (02-661-3439)
  • Paradise Park: Ground Floor, Villa market wing (02-746-0261)
  • TEL:02-278-2611-3
  • http://www.chaho.co.th