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Back once again with the price of 299BHT! for you to enjoy cheaply with various delicious Thai-Spaghetti fusion food menus along with being impressed with art master pieces at the fabulous cafe' "exhibit.cafe' Thai Food & Spaghetti" (From the original pri

Come sit and eat the indescribable Thai-Spaghetti fusion food in a cute homey cafe' along with entertainment from the art masterpieces which are changed every 2 - 3 months
฿299 ( USD : about 9.867 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 807.3 yen )
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DeePon believes that fellow members would choose to relax themselves after working with a good restaurant with good atmosphere within the city or some might rush home to relax with their family. But, how good would it be if there is one restaurant that has a warm and welcoming atmosphere just like being in your own home?

This is why “exhibit.cafe’ Thai Food & Spaghetti” opened our doors for everyone to feel the warm and welcoming atmosphere within the Japanese style café which has its interior designed with contemporary style that focuses on transparency, comfort, simplicity, yet stylish with ideas from the restaurant’s owner. With seats like sofas which are full of colorful pillows and brown-toned chairs giving out warm welcoming feelings. Furthermore, the wall within this restaurant is also decorated with art masterpieces for which if you like to be their owner, we are glad to sell them to you.

The food style of this restaurant will be a Home Cook Meal style, various menus filled with quality and deliciousness. Let us start with “Seafood Somtum with Crispy Noodles”, large fried noodles topped with spicy somtum and adding shrimps and squids for tasty flavor. Following by ""Spicy Acacia Leaf (Cha-om) Omelet Salad"", a healthy high-fiber menu with the perfect taste that is good to choose as an appetizer or a side dish, sliced cha-om omelet, minced pork and shrimps, mixed with tasty spicy sauce. Then, come add some protein and omega 3 with the new menu of the restaurant which is many customers’ favorite, “Salmon Steak” which is cooked from premium grade fresh salmon sliced in a thick piece and then perfectly grilled served with eryngii mushroom and grilled vegetables and rich Japanese style wasabi sauce or Western style tartar sauce. Or "" Mixed Seafood Steamed in White Wine"", a fabulous seafood dish, fresh shrimps squids and blue mussels, steamed in white wine as the flavors go well together, added whole dried chili for Thai-style flavor. Lastly, let us end this special meal with desserts from the restaurant. The dessert which the restaurant wants to recommend during this time is “Espresso Gold Nut”, rich espresso coffee poured on sweet vanilla ice-cream and topped with crunchy almonds. For those who do not like coffee, there are still caramel cocoa and fresh milk green tea for you to choose.

If you who just want to come sit and look at the art products and enjoy some great food with your family or close friends, then “exhibit.cafe’ Thai Food & Spaghetti” is your first answer that DeePon would recommend."

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