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Special of only 199BHT! for you to enjoy endlessly with the buffet of mixed Japanese breaded fried food (Kushiage Buffet) at the genuine Japanese restaurant, Kushiage Bekku @ Sukhumvit 22 (Valued at 399BHT)

Enjoy happily with all the fried food from top quality ingredients that you love.
฿199 ( USD : about 6.567 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 537.3 yen )
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Value ฿399
Discount 50%
Saving ฿200
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Terms of Use

  • Voucher is valid from Apirl 19th to July 18th, 2012.
  • May purchase unlimited vouchers per person and voucher is transferable and may be given as a gift.
  • One Voucher can be used with 1 customer per time
  • There is no maximum usage of coupons per table
  • This coupon is useable with Buffet menus (including every drinks) and water
    Dining duration is set maximum to 1hour 30 minutes
  • This coupon is for using with dine-in only (Not available with taking home service)
  • This coupon is useable with food, dessert, and beverage (excluding alcoholic drinks)
  • This coupon is useable everyday from 5.00 PM - 10.00 PM
  • For more information please contact Tel.02-663-0318
  • Deepon Basic Condition : Can be purchased and given to another customer as gift voucher, This price has included 7% VAT and 10% Service charge, the remaining value of the coupon cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandizes, or any other service from the restaurant, this coupon cannot be used with other discounts or promotions.

Coupon Information

" Kushiage Bekku " , a restaurant with reputation in fried menus, branches a new branch which is in the same soi as "Bekku Tonkatsu" in soi Sukhumvit 22.

" Kushiage Bekku " is a Japanese buffet restaurant with mixed fried menus, another food menu originated in Osaka Japan. The atmosphere of the interior is comfortable and clear with white and orange tone color. When you come to the front of the restaurant you will see a model of Goku which is the symbol of the restaurant. The stove here is an electric stove with adjustable temperature which you can fry our food without the need to worry about oil springing. Here, they select only the finest ingredients for the customer to choose and fry by themselves.

For buffet menu, they're using a wide variety of ingredients such as many seafood menus like shrimps, snapper, salmon, crabstick, octopus and pork tenderloin-sirloin, chicken breast, chicken hip and various vegetables like asparagus, sweet corn, eggplant, onion, roselle, lotus root, yam, potato, Japanese pumpkin, sweet bamboo shoot, Chiang Mai green onion, mushrooms, and mochi on a stick. Ready cooked ide dishes are spaghetti, sweet egg, cheese baked spinach, fried morning glory, cabbage wrapped pork, fried asparagus, fried lotus root, fried pumpkin, turnip, boiled pork, kimchi. And the restaurant has over 8 kind of dipping sauces for you to choose which the employee with be the one giving advice of which should be used with what kind of food. The sauces are tartar sauce, plum sauce, ponzu sauce, tonkatsu sauce, spicy seafood sauce, akadashi miso, sweet chilli sauce and Worcester sauce. Furthermore, the rice is refillable and the drinks are numerous to choose from like Coke, Sprite, green soda, red soda, and Chinese tea. And there are curry and rice with miso soup which you can get yourself. Ending up with a dessert like marshmallow, chocolate fondue, jelly, and chocolate mousse.

The Company

  • kushiage Bekku ( Buffet )
  • Address 318/1 soi Sukhumvit 22, Klongton, Klongtoei, Bangkok 10110
  • Open 5.00 PM - 10.00 PM
  • Holiday closed on Wednesday
  • TEL:02-663-0318