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Only 440BHT for you to meet the secret of cave salt which helps cleanse the respiratory tract and flush toxins out of our body along with hand and foot spa with premium Himalayan salt of AKA Holistic Wellness @ Silom Village Sukhumvit 31 (from the price o

Come feel the new experience with you relaxing with the only salt cave in Thailand and feel the result from the first time that you come.
฿440 ( USD : about 14.52 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 1188 yen )
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Value ฿990
Discount 56%
Saving ฿550
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Terms of Use

  • This coupon is valid from 6 January 2012 to 15 April 2012
  • One customer can purchase up to 4 coupons
  • Please present your coupon and ask for more information before using everytime
  • One coupon can be used with 1 customer per time
  • One coupon is for health therapy and relaxation in an artificial cave that is built from Himalayan salt rock with hand and foot spa totally 60 minutes (from the price of 990BHT) only.
  • This coupon is useable everyday 10.00 - 20.00
  • Please make reservation in advance at 02-259-2288 ,02-259-2233
  • Deepon Basic Condition : Can be purchased and given to another customer as gift voucher, This price has included 7% VAT and 10% Service charge, the remaining value of the coupon cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandizes, or any other service from the spa, this coupon cannot be used with other discounts or promotions.

Coupon Information

If you like and are looking for new things, today DeePon would like to introduce an extraordinary package in Thailand with new innovations and artificial cave therapy. The cave here is built from Himalayan salt rock which is guaranteed to be the best in the world. The Himalayan salt rock cave that AKA uses to heal the respiratory tract and lung ailments is from the Pakistani salt crystal which is acknowledged to have the highest quality.

You will feel relaxed with the inhalation of purified salt vapor along with the therapy which can cure many ailments; asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergy, sinus for example. Salt rock therapy is a very well known therapy in the Russian and Eastern European regions.

From experiments, we found that more than 90% of the patients with respiratory tract and lung ailments are cured from allergy, runny nose, and asthma after receiving the treatment.

Aside from this, you can soak your feet and hands while receiving a hand-scrub with marvelous Himalayan salt!! According to the experts, the ion from the salt will accelerate the efficiency of the human body’s detoxification of waste which accumulates at hands and feet. Furthermore, it helps relieve pain and fatigue in hands and feet including ankle sprain and cracked heels.

Special privilege for DeePon customers. You can purchase Reiki package (2,500BHT) that lets you do a Reiki therapy for 1 hour (can heal every illness or pain) + 2 times aura checking photography (before and after the therapy to show the changes between before and after the therapy) (from the price of 5,000BHT). Reiki is a treatment with the power of the universe and nature which is an art that Eastern medication understands. 7 chakras which are the important energy points of the body corresponding to the body’s function, at present, are in the art of Western medication too.

Benefits of Reiki are

- Removing stress making the body relaxes and reduces pain
- Muscles are relaxed at the first touch
- Helps treat headaches, flu, wounds and other systems of body .
Your beginning of good physical and mental health starts at AKA Holistic Wellness @ Silom Village Sukhumvit 31 because here we do not just treat, but we also adjust the balance of your inside to outside and make you feel comfortable and relaxed physically and mentally.

The Company

  • Aka Holistic wellness
  • Address Silom Village Soi Sawaddee 39/10-15 Sukhumvit 31, Klongtoey Neu, Wattana, Bangkok, 10110
  • Open 10.00 - 20.00
  • Holiday No Holidays
  • TEL:02-259-2288 ,02-259-2233