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Special of 149BHT! for delicious Japanese style yakiniku menus at the world renown yakiniku restaurant at "Stamina En" - BTS Thonglo (Valued at 300BHT)

Come taste the unforgettable deliciousness of the premium imported Wagyu meat with the technique in preparing that will double the deliciousness of your meat.
฿149 ( USD : about 4.917 dlrs ) ( JPY : about 402.3 yen )
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Terms of Use

  • This coupon is valid from 20th September - 19th November 2011
  • A customer can purchase up to 4 coupons
  • One coupon can be used with one customer per time
  • Maximum usage of 2 coupons per table
  • This coupon is useable with food menu and soft drink (Except Champion Karubi and Bonus steak), (Excluding Alcoholic drinks)
  • Please contact 02-713-8476 for prior reservation
  • This coupon is useable on Mon - Fri 17.00 - 24.00, Sat (Noon only) and Sun 11.30 - 14.30, 17.00 - 24.00 (excluding Saturday night)
  • For dine-in only (excluding take home and delivery)
  • Deepon Basic Condition : Can be purchased and given to another customer as gift voucher, This price has included 7% VAT and 10% Service charge of coupon value, the remaining value of the coupon cannot be redeemed as cash, merchandizes, or any other service from the shop, this coupon cannot be used with other discounts or promotions.

Coupon Information

“Stamina En” is a heaven of beef lovers which started from a small meat selling shop in Japan. The owner has accumulated the expertise and knowledge in meat giving him the trick to season the meat to its peak of flavor. This creates the motivation of wanting the customers to taste the fine grill beef which is the signature of this yakiniku restaurant. From the time span of 30 years, this restaurant has been acknowledged from Japanese and Chinese customers making “Stamina En” branches to 7 places in the world like Nagoya, Shang Hai, Sydney, and Bangkok.

The heart of “Stamina En” is “Wagyu beef”, special quality in the price that you can taste which if compared with other restaurants with the same grade of meat, the price of “Stamina En” is extremely cheap. Because the owner is the one who imported the meat in without the need of any brokers by importing directly from a personal farm which produces meat only for this restaurant and emphasizes on special caring. The “Tajima Wagyu Beef” is the same as Matsusaka beef; the only difference being the location produced.

“Stamina En” has a comfortable and warm interior atmosphere giving the feeling of dining at home with the decoration style of old Osaka meat store mixed with Japanese house. This restaurant is meticulous from choosing the meat just for the customers to taste the freshness of the quality beef and warm service. You will be entertained with the eating tradition of this restaurant which is different from other regular grill meat restaurants. There are smoke removing machine so you will be able to dine with no smoke stench on your clothes. Those who love grill meat and those who never eaten meat, if you come taste the grill beef of “Stamina En”, it is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed. And for those do not eat beef; the restaurant also has an organic pork meat and seafood to serve you.

For the special menus of the restaurant that fellow members must not miss

1. “Akamix” : “Mix Tenderloin”, A top seller menu of the restaurant which has been elevated as the recommended menu because the owner wants every customer to taste the deliciousness from every finest part of the cow which comes in one platter. This menu comes with two flavors which the customer can choose for himself. Those who love rich flavor, the recommended is “Akamix Tare (sauced Akamix)”, but for those who love to taste the beef, the recommended is “Akamix Shio (Salted Akamix)”. Eating the meat with “Oroshi-Ponzu (grated turnip in sour sauce)” will double up the flavor.

2. “Gyutan” : “Salted Cow Tongue”. Every time someone thinks about grill beef, the “tongue” will surely not be missed because Japanese of every age and sex loves cow tongue very much. The way to eat has become very well known and spread very quickly which is to grill the “Gyutan” on the grate and while grilling top it with Ajinegi (seasoned green onions) without having to turn it upside down. Then remove it from the grill and squeeze some lemon on it. This is also known as “Negi Tan”

3.”Tokujou Harami” : “Japanese style Crying Tiger”. This part of the cow is special in the tenderness of the meat that comes from the part near the diaphragm of the cow which the amount of meat will differ among individuals. This part mostly has low amount in fat as it being entirely red, but likely to meat in one’s mouth.

For the other eating styles at the restaurant that we would like to recommend for further enjoyment in a “Stamina En” style are

1.) Meat grilling – Grilling one side for only 50s with high intensity of flame and flip it only once. This will make the meat so sweet and juicy that dipping can be neglected.

2.) The eating style of “Tsutsumi Yasai (wrapping the meat with vegetables)”. This came from the eating tradition of Korea by using vegetables and seaweeds as a side dish for meat. Wrapping the meat with vegetables and maybe adding a little

DeePon is certain that if you come and taste the flavor of “Stamina En” for once you will feel the caring and love in every dish as the beautiful manager used to say “We wish all the customers good health and enjoyment from the service and one day may we serve you again in the future”

The Company

  • Stamina-En
  • Address 139 Soi Thonglor 10, 2nd Floor, The Opus Building, Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor), Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.
  • Open
    Mon - Fri 
    17:00−01:00 (24:00 Last order)
    Sat - Sun 
    11:30−14:30 (14:00 Last order)
    17:00−24:00(23:00 Last order)
  • Holiday No Holiday
  • TEL:02-713-8476
  • http://th-th.facebook.com/people/Stamina-En/100002349999049?sk=photos